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Scotsman is present on all continents, in over 100 countries, and the devices are manufactured in three factories. The field of devices ranges from ice cube makers producing 23 kg of ice a day to industrial devices with a capacity of 5 tons of ice a day. Scotsman ice is used in a wide variety of industries, from catering to road construction.

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Od ponad 70 lat firma Hoshizaki oferuje swoim klientom bardzo wytrzymałe sprzęty kuchenne takie jak kostkarki do lodu oraz urządzenia chłodnicze, m.in. :

  • kostkarki,
  • wytwornice lodu,
  • szafy chłodnicze.

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Bravilor Bonamat


Bravilor Bonamat is a standard-setting manufacturer of filter coffee machines, espresso coffee makers, automatic coffee machines and hot water dispenser. It is a family business that has been operating for nearly 70 years. At that time, it grew from the wholesale of products for the HORECA industry into a designer, manufacturer and supplier with an international image and ambitions.

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WMF is a leader among producers of automatic coffee machines - the "Fully Automatic" class. WMF is widely used in fast-food restaurant chains, gas stations, hotel restaurants, employee canteens (self-service) and offices. Wherever ease of use, reliability and high quality of the drinks served are desired.

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