MKN is a German manufacturer of professional gastronomic equipment of the highest quality. The offer of the MKN company includes a full range of thermal treatment devices, both in gas and electric versions. Regardless of whether you need a new induction hob or a combi steamer, the MKN company will have a ready solution for your gastronomy.

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Italian manufacturer of professional equipment for gastronomy. With six available depths of heating equipment - 50/55/60/65/70/90 - LOTUS SPA combines an infinite variety of solutions and allows you to create a new original size of professional kitchen island at any time: 110/120/130/140/150/180. The Lotus series offers everything you need to create the perfect kitchen.

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Blanco Professional


Today, the B.PRO Solutions group operates on a global scale, employs 690 people and generates an annual turnover of a total of 120 million euros (2018 business year). B.PRO Solutions offers customers solutions that are individually tailored to their needs. The B.PRO  brand guarantees the highest quality, high competence and reliability, from the first consultation to the after-sales service. B.PRO Solutions offers the highest quality products for industrial kitchens, catering and mass catering facilities have received many awards, including "Red Dot Design Award", "Gastro-Innovationspreis",  "Dr.-Georg-Triebe-Innovationspreis" and "Distinguished Development Design Award" .

Until October 2021, the company was known as BLANCO Professional. New name for B.PRO to complement brands and company as well as complement products. The short, succinct brand name links the positive, forward-looking delivery of the company to its origins.

B.PRO's offer includes:

synthetic containers for transporting dishes - B.PROTHERM,
stainless steel containers for transporting dishes - B.PROTHERM,
banquet trolleys,
SERVISTAR plate stacking system,
B.PRO COOK front cooking system,
plate dispensers,
food serving trolleys,
baskets and trays dispensers,
food distribution belt conveyors,
tray transport trolleys,
serving trolleys, 
covering walls? for serving trolleys,
tray clearing trolleys,
shelf trolleys,
transport trolleys,
commercial sinks,
GASTRONORM gastronomic  containers,
Buffet Line GASTRONORM gastronomic  containers.



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RM Gastro

European creator of professional catering equipment. It is based on extensive experience gained during twenty years of operation on the market, the skills of employees and partner relationships with suppliers and customers. Only thanks to this can they offer the best technologies, precise workmanship, high-quality materials and unrivaled service. It always brings thoughtful turnkey solutions and the first-class care that is required when equipping a kitchen.

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The Polish manufacturer's offer includes both electricity and gas powered devices, including:


  • modular kitchens,
  • ovens,
  • pans,
  • cooking kettles,
  • gas stools,
  • deep fryers,
  • grill plates.


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UBERT from the beginning of its activity Fast-Food-Business has become a decisive pioneer and shaped the industry. Innovative achievements, such as the currywurst cutter or the revolutionary RoFry oil-free airfryers, have proven to be elementary ingredients of today's global gastronomic concepts.

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Alto Shaam


Alto-Shaam commercial gastronomy equipment is designed with reliability, comfort and maximum return on investment in mind. A full line of hardware solutions are manufactured to help customers achieve greater ROI and add value to their business. Whether you want to cook, store, chill or display your food in the highest quality, Alto-Shaam's hardware solutions offer a complete system for a successful gastronomic service.

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The company was founded in 2000 in Durach-Kempten with the goal of applying induction technology to professional food preparation. From the very beginning, the aim was to increase the efficiency and speed of the cooking process while saving energy and food. Berner Cooking Systems has become synonymous with High-Tech in professional kitchens.

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